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Renewable energies

A rapid shift away from centralized fossil to decentralized renewable energy generation is more necessary than ever before, challenging and yet a powerful field of innovation. The successful energy transition, essential for the preservation of our livelihoods, is feasible – with manageable risks and huge opportunities for companies and the general public. As specialists, we provide you with clarity in the complex legal environment, ensure legally compliant implementation of your business models and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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Wind energy
Biomass / Biogas
Due Diligence / M & A


Energy trading and supply

Renewable energy generated in a decentral manner, whether from wind, PV, biomass, biogas or hydropower, has to reach the end consumer. This requires trade between producers, traders and end consumers. There are various sales and supply models for this, from decentralized approaches to conventional contracts and PPAs to derivatives. With our legal expertise and market knowledge, we support you in finding optimal marketing channels and trading models, in drafting contracts and in legally optimizing your objectives.

Direct marketing, PPAs and balancing energy
Contract design and general terms and conditions (energy supply contracts)
Emissions trading
Quota trading
Energy and electricity tax


Construction, Environment, Infrastructure

Energy projects, whether for generation, transmission or supply, always require construction measures with corresponding impacts on nature, soil and existing infrastructures. This is accompanied by strict regulatory requirements, compliance with which is essential for your sustainable success. Whether wind farm, residential quarter, storage project or mobility solutions – the right planning and use of (planning) legal instruments is crucial. We offer comprehensive legal advice for all project types and support you with our expertise in energy, construction, real estate and planning law. Building and licensing law.

Building and licensing law
Public planning and planning law
Municipal economy
Private building law


Heat utilization

Heat grids that use renewable energy sources to generate heat efficiently, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, have made the business field of energy services attractive. Financial incentives from the legislator promote decentralized energy concepts and the construction of such environmentally friendly heat networks. Whether you are an operator of such plants, a property owner or a municipality, we support you in developing a business model that meets your needs and complies with current legal requirements.

Heating networks
Thermal planning
Integrative approaches


Mobility, storage, sector coupling

The energy transition requires more than just the expansion of renewable energies. New transport concepts, green electromobility, power-to-X and storage are indispensable elements. The electricity, heat and mobility sectors must be increasingly linked together. Grid expansion, load management and storage technologies play a central role in this. We are closely in contact with important players in the storage and transport industry and support companies of all sizes in implementing their business models. We look forward to being at your side as well.

Storage and sector coupling


District development and decentralized energy concepts

Are you planning to use renewable energy yourself, supply your tenants with green electricity or break new ground in district supply? Welcome to the world of decentralized energy concepts! From tenant electricity to holistic district concepts with electric mobility and battery storage, we can support you with your project. Despite the diversity of these concepts there is a complex legal framework to be kept in mind. In this respect, we are at your side as experienced partners and are also happy to enrich your innovative ideas with our expertise in energy law. We look forward to your challenge!

District solutions
Real estate law
Energy efficiency & contracting