Renewable Energies

The fastest possible transition from a fossil-fuel-based centralized energy supply to a decentralized renewable energy supply is a challenging and exciting endeavour, and there are no other options.  Now is a time vibrating with ideas and innovations. Only if this energy revolution is successful can climate change be stopped effectively, and good living conditions for future generations be preserved.

The energy revolution can be achieved without risking the security of supply or the stability of our economy – we are certain of this. The challenges involved are enormous. And so are the opportunities for the public, and for those businesses which take the lead – our clients. We provide you with the know-how you need in a growing jungle of unclear regulations.  We will make your business case legally watertight, and we will help you avoid expensive detours.

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Energy trade

Wind and solar energy plants generate electricity, CHP systems produce heat, power-to-gas systems generate hydrogen, and biogas upgrading plants turn biogas into biomethane. But what to do with all this decentralized energy? Trade between the various players – generators, traders and end users – is necessary to deliver this energy. Sales opportunities and delivery models are as numerous as they are various. There are decentralized approaches like heat and electricity contracting, tenant electricity models or local heat delivery, regional green electricity marketing, direct marketing and biomethane trade via the grid, electricity and gas trading in the stock markets, energy derivatives and green electricity products for end users, conventional electricity and gas procurement agreements, green electricity certificates and trading of hydrogen and biomethane as fuels.

Don’t know what to do with your energy?

We are pleased to contribute our expertise on energy law and knowledge of the markets to you to assist in finding the best marketing strategies for your energy product, identifying new ways of economic and ecological optimisation of your energy demand, and promoting innovative trading models.

Decentralized Energy Concepts

Do you want to consume energy generated by your own CHP plant, solar plant, wind turbine or other renewable energy plant? Are you are wondering how to use the generated power in times of net congestion? Or do you want to offer your tenants an all-inclusive-contract to supply them with green electricity generated on top of your own roof? Welcome to the world of decentralized energy! We assist with the development, design and implementation of your project. From tenant electricity to heat supplies, power-to-gas and storage concepts with integrated charging poles for electric cars – the possibilities are endless…

The diversity of decentralized energy concepts and business cases is embedded in a complex legal framework. To make sure that energy law doesn’t turn into an obstacle, we accompany you in all project phases as a partner and provide you with our legal expertise. We are always open to new ideas and challenges. Surprise us!

CHP – Cogeneration of Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is an energy concept where the waste heat of a power plant that occurs during power generation is specifically decoupled and delivered to heat consumers instead of just warming up the surroundings. With this efficient use of an energy source, there are significantly less climate-damaging CO2 emissions compared to an uncoupled generation of electricity and heat in two separate processes.

In the meantime, the business of contracting has become a profitable industry for a lot of energy service providers. The government has set up various financial incentives for the realization of decentralized energy supply concepts, which has led to the installation of a large number of small CHP plants, called cogeneration units.

We are pleased to support you with the development of a business case that fits your individual needs and suits the legal circumstances. Whether you are a plant operator, the owner of a residential complex or a community interested in an economic activity in energy supply, we will explore your legal opportunities with you.


The energy revolution cannot be solved by the development of renewable energies alone. New transport concepts – such as green electric mobility, power-to-gas and biomethane – are important components to shape a sustainable, and future-proof, mobility. The goal must be to merge mobility with the growing renewable energy supply. Electric cars become energy storage units, highways become solar plants, lampposts become charging poles and the gas net becomes a storage for CO2-neutral-produced hydrogen.

With our expertise we support businesses with the implementation of their ideas and business cases, regardless of whether they are small or large, established or new. As a partner of the “mobility2grid” Association, we are part of a network of businesses working to successfully carry out the energy revolution in the transport sector and urban space.

Storage and Sectoral Interconnection

All experts agree: the regenerative energy system of the future will need both flexibility and an increased permeability between the electricity, heat and mobility sectors.  And it is obvious how we can achieve this goal: net expansion, generation and load management, as well as storage of energy. Without traditional and innovative storage and sectoral interconnection technologies, ranging from batteries over pumped-storage power plants to power-to-x applications, the energy revolution will never succeed.

In the field of energy storage and sectoral interconnection we support multiple established and new, small, medium and big businesses with the implementation of their ideas and business cases. As a member of the Federal Association of Energy Storage (Bundesverband Energiespeicher e.V.) and the Association StoREgio Energy Storage Systems (StoREgio Energiespeichersysteme e.V.) we contribute towards a network of multiple key companies and political decision-makers in the storage sector. Additionally, we run the blog reporting on relevant subjects around innovations, energy storage and power-to-gas. Take a look!

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