Newsletter on the EEG 2023

17.01.2023 Newsletter on the EEG 2023

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The start of the year 2023 marks the entry into force of yet another version of the EEG: the EEG 2023.

With this special newsletter, we would like to once again provide you with an overview of the - in parts far-reaching - changes to the law and point out some aspects that have caught our attention during the analysis of the EEG 2023 or that arouse during our work with the EEG 2023.

A - please note, completely automatic - translation of the newsletter in English can be found here.

One anticipated conclusion of our analysis is that unlike several prior amendments to the EEG, the legislator when drafting the EEG 2023 was guided by the goal of advancing the energy transition and, in particular, accelerating the expansion of renewables. However, one thing remains unchanged for the EEG practitioner: Some drafting and systematic "construction sites" remain and new ones arise.

Our special newsletter covers the following topics:

A. The EEG 2023 in the context of the "Easter Package" 2022

B. The EEG 2023 in the context of European law

C. General changes affecting all energy sourcing technologies

D. The most important changes for the respective energy sourcing technology and the tenders

E. Storage and sector coupling in the EEG 2023 and the EnFG

We hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter. You are welcome to forward this newsletter to your customers, business partners or other interested parties.


Dr. Florian Valentin
Rechtsanwalt | Partner

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